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    Andrew Truckle

    I have the pro plugin and I have a sub-domain on my site:


    I find it is not getting redirected when I use the http prefix. My domain provider said to uninstall SSL plugin and use:

    #Rewrite everything to https
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

    But I said I had already paid for the pro version. I can’t see any settings in the plugin to allow me to redirect subdomains to HTTPS too.

    Please assist as without this my subdomain doesn’t function right (on HTTP).

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    Hi Andrew,

    Is this a multisite setup? If so, do you have the pro multisite plugin, or the pro single site enabled?

    Do you have the option “301 .htaccess redirect” enabled in settings/ssl? This setting will force all requests to https, regardless of wether it’s a subdomain or not.

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    Peter F

    I am having a similar problem. The SSL certificate isn’t properly resolving on my subdomain. I have enabled the “301 .htaccess redirect” and enabled the “Switch mixed content fixer hook”. All plugins other than Really Simple SSL are disabled. I also saw a post regarding updating the “class-multisite.php” from Git and that did not work either. I have since removed the newer class-multisite.php and am using the original.

    This wasn’t an issue with my old SSL cert, however after my cert has been updated about a month ago this issue presented itself.

    Please help!

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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Peter,

    does your site use a wildcard certificate or a certificate that covers the subdomain (you can test this at https://ssllabs.com/ssltest/)? Can you provide me with the subdomain in question so I can have a look at what the issue might be?


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    Peter F

    Hi Mark,

    The SSL Cert is issued through GoDaddy and is for the primary domain and up to five (5) subdomains. I included the domain and subdomain in the form. Using SSLLabs the primary domain comes up perfectly, but the subdomain is still reflecting the old, expired, SSL certificate.


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    Mark Wolters

    Hi Peter,

    it sounds like there might be an issue with the server configuration, if the subdomain is included in the certificate it should provide the subdomain with a green lock. You might have to contact GoDaddy about this issue so they can server the proper certificate for the subdomain.


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