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    I recently installed Really Simple SSL on my multisite and while it works well in my main domain, it’s giving me a “Your connection is not secure” warning in Firefox and even when I bypass it locally it still gives me a 404 Not Found error.

    I activated the plugin on the network and chose the option to add SSL to all my sites (as opposed to on a per site basis). Is there something I’m missing?

    Thanks for the help!


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    The domains where you have the “connection not secure” warning, do they have a valid SSL certificate? How is your site setup, with subfolders, subdomains, or with domain mapping to different domains?

    If you use subdomains, you’ll need a wildcard certificate to have a valid certificate on all your subdomains.

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    Thanks for your reply, Rogier!

    My WordPress setup is multisite using subdomains. The sites in question are http://www.itineraplus.com (live site) and then prueba.itineraplus.com (test site).

    My SSL certificate is most likely not a wildcard certificate (my client bought it), so I guess now my question is, how do I stop the plugin from forcing SSL my prueba.itineraplus.com subdomain?

    I activated the plugin networkwide, but chose the option to enable SSL per site, however it isn’t really showing me any options to disable SSL at all.

    Thanks again for your quick reply!

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    If you have activated per site, all sites are disabled by default. On settings/ssl (on the site level) you can enable each site, and you can see the options for each site.

    To test if this works, clear the browser cache, and use a direct url to a subsite.

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    This seems to be the same issue as me. I have sub domains… am using domain mapping from WPMU… I have essentially parked the domains on the main domain… of course *.domain.com are set on all domains or it wouldnt work… but still get the same errors as above. I do notice in debug that it shows an .htaccess error could this be the problem?

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    Then just to confirm I just went through the motions of adding an SSL certificate but it said that it was already there on all the domains in question. I own the server they are on and all have certificates.

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    The .htaccess test script will also get a not found, so this error is the result of the same problem.

    Can you access images on a subdomain? For example sub.domain.com/wp-content/uploads/test.jpg. Such a request is not processed by WordPress or the .htaccess, so if this also doesn’t work, this is a DNS/server configuration issue.

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    Buddy Quaid


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