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    Hello everybody

    For my new site (thetechgads.com), I installed really simple SSL plugin.

    By mistake, I enabled 301.htaccess redirect. Now it is redirecting to my primary domain (indusvogue.com).

    Please guide me how to fix this issue.


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    Hi Azeem,

    you can locate the .htaccess redirect in the .htaccess file by looking for the lines:

    # Begin Rlrsssl and # End Rlrsssl. If you remove these lines and everything between them, the .htaccess redirect will be removed.

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    Randy Kuhn

    I would like to enable the 301 .htaccess redirect option but in researching the htaccess file I cannot locate the # Begin Rlrsssl and # End Rlrsssl lines of code. Because of this I am afraid to enable this feature. Do you have any suggestions as to where exactly it is? This site is hosted by HostGator.

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    Hi Randy,

    if the .htaccess redirect hasn’t been enabled, the # Begin and # End code hasn’t been added to the .htaccess file yet. These will only appear after the .htaccess redirect option has been enabled. If you have the .htaccess file on hand, you can remove the code between the # Begin and # End tags if enabling the option causes any issues.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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