Complianz GDPR now Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CaCPA)

Today version 2.0 of Complianz GDPR, now renamed to Complianz Privacy Suite was released. Both free and premium version now are built for US privacy laws as well, with an automatic generated Do Not Sell My Personal Information page, and a cookie banner which is specifically configured for the requirements in the United States.

Regions for different laws: GDPR or CaCPA

Based on either the user’s geo ip location or the selected region in the setttings (free) the user will see a banner configured for these region’s privacy laws specifically. If a user is from outside EU or US, the user will nog get a banner at all (premium version).

Multiple US specific legal documents included in 2.0

With this release several new documents have been added, including

  • Do Not Sell My Personal Information page with revoke option
  • US privacy statement
  • US security breach report
  • US processor agreement

Interested? Please check out the latest release on WordPress

For the premium version, please check our dedicated website


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