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Really Simple SSL 2.5.20

Today a minor update for Really Simple SSL was released. No major changes: New option: switch mixed content fixer hook In most sites the template_redirect hook works fine as hook to fire the mixed content fixer on. But in some cases, due to plugin conflicts,

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Really Simple SSL 2.5.19

Two fixes have been added in 2.5.19: Multisite Due to a merge where two multisite filters were not uncommented (uncommented code should have replaced commented out code) the 2.5.18 release did not contain the fix anymore the made sure WordPress returns the correct protocol. In

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Easy Digital Downloads Moneybird integration

Moneybird is a great accounting tool. Originally started as a simple invoice sending tool, it has now turned itself into a pretty allround accounting tool. And I think it’s pretty affordable for small businesses (10 – 25 euro / month, depending on your package). For

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Really Simple SSL 2.5.18 beta release

2.5.18 is in beta, and can be tested! Please test this new version and let us know your experiences! Removed JetPack SSL fix, as it is now incorporated in JetPack. Moved mixed content fixer hook to template_redirect Changed flush rewrite rules hook from admin_init to

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Security review of Really Simple SSL

I recently was asked on the WordPress support forums if Really Simple SSL is securely built. I always thoroughly check the code for possible security issues, and secure all posts and database updates. Besides this, access is to functions is limited based on usercapability, and

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